Wedding Towel Design and Development

Wedding Towel Design and Development
   This situation is mainly because the towel in the home position, far less eye-catching as bedding or curtains, to give people a visual representation of beauty to enjoy. While Chinese families, it is generally considered the idea: towel products are toiletries, it's only function in life is to scrub, in addition no other effect, so it is difficult to occupy an important position in the home arrangement. So, for its purchases, the average person is not very concerned about, for them, as long as there is a good absorbent towel and hand, will be able to meet the basic needs of life, thus ignoring the other functions of the application towel. Now, after decades of development (especially in this recent two or three decades), towel industry has changed the original situation of a single species, the development of products from simple towel to towel, washcloth, hand towel, beach towels, and towels , care mats, pillow covers, towels, pajamas and more than a dozen categories, thousands of varieties, it features also developed from a simple bath to bath, health, bedding, decoration, clothing and other direction, far from breaking these trends people to the traditional understanding of the towel, but also for people's home arrangement provides a new choice.
Therefore, textile products in the wedding series, towels and other products can also have their own place. However, in terms of professionalism, towel wedding products is not as bedding, as are manufacturers and process design alone or as a category separate specialized design or thinking, but stay in the general level, according to the conventional products that do general design.

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